Golf Simulator


$30/Hour (Taxes Incl.)

Mon to Sun 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

1 Hour Booking

2 Hour Booking

3 Hour Booking

4 Hour Booking

Bunker Golf Simulator

welcome to the Bunker Golf Simulator

The Bunker Golf simulator started in 2021. Located in Stratford PE. With 100 courses to pick from. Our prices are by the hour or by the package. Packages can be shared among multiple people. Packages are active for winter 2021-2022 only.

Bunker Golf simulator
Bunker Golf Simulator

Group Sizes

Maximum of 4 players per group.
Bunker Golf Simulator


Sessions end 5 minutes to the hour to allow the next group to start on time. You must be finished your session and ready to leave at that time. Expect users to be coming in right after you. There is no extra time to finish a round.

Bunker Golf Simulator

Length Of Round

Please note the time is by the hour. It typically takes 1 hour per person to play 18 holes. If you have 4 players, it will take you 4 hours to complete a round. When the session is complete, each player will be responsible for paying for 1 hour at the above rates.
Bunker Golf Simulator PEI

Mandatory Guidelines


Indoor footwear must be worn, clean sneakers or clean spike free golf shoes are required. All outdoor footwear must remain at the entrance to the simulator room.


Please only use the golf balls provided by The Bunker. The golf balls are made specifically for golf simulators. Dirty and ink marked golf balls also cause damage/tears to the screen.


Golf clubs must be clean and free of markings before use. Dirt in the grooves and face of clubs, can dirty the golf ball and shorten the life of our screen and can cause tears.


Time period booked ends at 5 minutes to the hour to allow the next group to start on time.


Any damage done to the simulator equipment, or the simulator room and furniture is the responsibility of the user to replace.


Late Arrival or Cancellation - If you arrive late for your reservation, you will be charged in full for the time you have reserved. You may cancel your reservation 24 hrs in advance without penalty. If you do not cancel your reservation, you will be charged for the time you have reserved.

Bunker Golf Simulator PEI Golf